Project Space Pilipinas
founded: Manila, Philippine, 2007


Project Space Pilipinas (PSP) is an artist-initiated platform committed to art and cultural activities. It provides venue, assistance and support for artists, cultural workers and individuals with artistic interests. With a holistic framework, it hopes to serve as a vehicle for the development of various practices of art through traditional, alternative and emerging approaches. Its primary objectives are to provide creative opportunities and make art accessible to various audiences.

PSP takes interest in art, its agents and audiences, its production and environment. It looks into the intersections of different disciplines and contexts. It aims to draw, develop and form from these discursive, critical and innovative practices. It aims to build structures, modalities and networks for art and its production.

Conscious of the social nature of art, PSP tries to find ways and means to respond to different social concerns. It tries to engage in different participative, collaborative and collective practices through its programs. Its core programs include artist residencies, exhibitions, education, and collaborations.

PSP’s Core Programs are open to local and international art practitioners as well as individuals, groups, and institutions with shared interests.


Designed to serve as a springboard to further artistic endeavors through substantial art interactions, creative practice, and discourse. The Neo-Emerging Artist Residency (NEAR) is envisioned to establish effective networks in creating opportunities for possible collaborations with foreign artists.


The Exhibitions Program provides opportunities for creative productions, art and cultural exchanges, and outputs for innovative, exploratory, and relevant projects. Project proposals are accepted from artists, curators, groups, and other interested parties.


Valuing the need for continuous learning, the Education Program organizes forums, artist talks, workshops and seminars related to art and its production.


Working on a collaborative and collective conscious practice, the Collaborations Program initiates projects and activities involving art and cultural practitioners including individuals and groups with shared concerns.