Project Space Pilipinas
founded: Manila, Philippine, 2007

iconProject Space Pilipinas is an artist-initiated platform committed to art and cultural activities. It provides venue, assistance and support for artists, cultural workers and individuals with artistic interests. With a holistic framework, it hopes to serve as a vehicle for the development of various practices of art through traditional, alternative and emerging approaches. Its primary objectives are to provide creative opportunities and make art accessible to various audiences. Its core programs include artist residencies, exhibitions, education, and collaborations.




Designed to serve as a springboard to further artistic endeavors through substantial art interactions and creative discourse, the artist-in-residence program  also known as the Neo-Emerging Artist Residency (NEAR Lucban) is also envisioned to establish effective networks in creating opportunities for possible collaborations with other local and international artists. click here to read more


The Exhibitions Program provides opportunities for creative productions, art and cultural exchanges, and outputs for innovative, exploratory, and relevant projects. Project proposals are accepted from artists, curators, groups, and other interested parties. click here to read more


Valuing the need for continuous learning, the Education Program organizes forums, artist talks, workshops and seminars related to art and its production. click here to read more



Working on a collaborative and collective conscious practice, the Collaborations Program initiates projects and activities involving art and cultural practitioners including individuals and groups with shared concerns. click here to read more


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Ongoing: SaLang#2: Eric Zamuco / “Remedyo” (13 May to 03 June 2017)

Chairs whose missing parts were replaced with neon light are arranged in a darkened room, which also appears to be an abandoned school room. In Eric Zamuco’s Dapak, the re-purposed chairs are a re-articulation of history.

Zamuco cites a significant thread between the work and what had been an issue on historical consciousness ignited when some students from a premier university had welcomed and taken a selfie with Imelda Marcos, wife of the former despot Ferdinand Marcos. Having drawn from a partly autobiographical source, Zamuco relates the state of education with the current political and cultural climate. The work questions whether the ways in which we respond to the lack (of infrastructure and criticality) are enough. While the neon lights illuminate the room, they also pertain to the synthetic and hurried fixtures we add to battered and shaky structures and systems. Dapak both emphasizes and questions what is, what isn’t, what had been and what could be in a world of tremors and convulsions.


Upcoming: SaLang#3: Christopher Zamora (17 June to 05 July 2017)

SaLang#1: Leslie de Chavez


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